Nutrient Delivery System – Which Doser Do I Pick? Dosatron or Etatron?

If you are not sure which dosers should go into your Nutrient Delivery System (NDS), here’s some helpful information.

Dosatron Water-Powered Dosers

Dosatrons are the perfect choice for injection rates of 1:3000 (0.25 tsp/gal and 1.25 mL/gal) to 1:10 (75 tsp/gal and 375 mL/gal) and are available in the Lo-Flo and Hi-Flo NDS Series. Dosatron features include:

  • Automate the nutrient delivery process, so it accurately dispenses the desired solution
  • Can utilize up to eight (8) different nutrients, additives, or supplements, plus a pH adjuster for a perfect, well-blended solution
  • Make the time draining practice of “measure and pour” a thing of the past
  • Save you time and money by eliminating hand mixing
  • Offer four (4) different modular kits in both the Lo-Flo and Hi-Flow


If you want 1 mL or less per gallon, pick an electric Etatron metering pump which, if needed, can easily reach as low as 0.25 mL per gallon. And they are great for super-concentrated additives. With Etatrons you can:

  • Adjust the amount dispensed with every stroke
  • Dial into micro-dose, down to 0.25 mL per gal
  • Have the ultimate in reliability and functionality in one system

Blending the Etatron eOne Micro-Doser and the Dosatron Lo- and Hi-Flo Dosers creates the perfect combination to customize a delivery system for your specific applications. The blending of these dosers brings the ultimate in reliability and functionality, in one NDS system!

For more detailed information click here or give us a call at 1-800-451-6628, or CHAT on our website. We will be glad to help you set up a Nutrient Delivery System that fits your specific application.

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