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What Dosatron Do I Need?

Probably the most frequently asked question by customers is:

“How do I choose the right Dosatron?”


The answer is relatively simple, requiring only a little math

and basic knowledge of the chemicals you’ll be injecting.


First determine the System’s Total Flow Rate in Gallons Per Minute or GPM.

Let’s take an example of an irrigation system in a greenhouse. The system has a total of 2,000 emitters rated at .5 gallons per hour. One thing to note is most emitters, drippers, sprayers, drip stakes, etc., show their flow rate in Gallons Per Hour or GPH. We will have to divide by 60 to convert to GPM.


2,000 emitters x .5 GPH / 60 = 16.6 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)


Having this information, we can then go to the Dosatron Units Specification Chart located on the Resources section of the Dosatron website. Look in the second column labeled “Max. Flow” to view the top flow rate for each unit.


The correct injector for this application would be one of the D45RE Series with a flow of 20 GPM. This flow rate would supply enough water volume to allow every emitter to operate at full capacity.


In many cases, the system contains zones with only part of the total emitters. Using our earlier example, we have two zones of 1,000 emitters each. Activating only 1,000 emitters at a time changes the flow rate to 8.3 GPM.


1,000 x .5 = 500/ 60 = 8.3 Gallons Per Minute (GPM)


Again, referring to the Dosatron Units Specification Chart, we see several units in this range; D25 and D14. You will notice that each series has several different model designations. These multiple part numbers indicate units with different housing materials and internal components to resist wear from various chemicals. Also, most series have models with fixed or adjustable ratios.

So, gather this basic information together and give us a call! We would love to help you select the best Dosatron injector and accessory kits for your specific application.


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What Dosatron Do I Need?

Probably the most frequently asked question by customers is: “How do I choose the right Dosatron?

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