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Lo-Flo Standard Starter Kit - Water-Powered NDS

Dilution Solutions' Water-Powered NDS Standard Starter Kit includes all the parts you need for the inlet of your Nutrient Delivery System and is mainly used for high pressure situations. For systems using DAB Pumps or pumps with VFD Control, the HYKSTART-DAB can be used. To complete the LO-FLO NDS, you will also need Dosatron Injectors, Mixing Chamber Kit(s), the pH/EC Monitor Kit or END Kit, and the Water Hammer Arrestor Kit.

Item Number: HYKSTART

Features: • Union • Check valve • Elbows • Nipples • Tee • Hose adapter • Ball valves • Coupler • Filter • Pressure regulator • Teflon® tape ** Parts ordered may look slightly different than the picture displayed, but the fit and function will be the same.

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3/4" Nutrient Delivery Starter Kit Installation Video
Introducing the Nutrient Delivery System (NDS)
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