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Ultrasonic Flow Sensor 4" - 5"

The Dilution Solutions Ultrasonic Flow Sensor measures water using ultrasonic signaling. It clamps onto pipe sizes 4" to 5", no pipe modifications are necessary. 4" = 660 GPM & 5" = 990 GPM. 4-20 mA.

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Item Number: US-FLOWC4.0-5.0

Compatible with Etatron Pumps:
  • eOne MF
  • eOne Plus
  • DLX MF/M
  • Features:
  • Prewired to communicate 4-20mA to Etatron pumps
  • Measures water through PVC and metal pipe
  • Prewired for 120 volt
  • Live monitoring of instantaneous flow
  • Gallons per minute display
  • IP67 water resistance
  • No pressure loss
  • 4" - 660 GPM Max flow rate
  • 5" - 990 GPM Max flow rate

  • For More Information

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    Ultrasonic Flo Sensor Flyer
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