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Quick-Fill Dosing Station - 14 GPM

The Pre-Plumbed, Quick-Fill Dosing Station is fast and easy to install, limiting the exposure time it takes to set up. Just mount on a wall and hook up to your water source. It’s that easy.   Proportional, On-Demand Chemical Mixing and Dispensing. Low flow for filling spray bottles, hand-held foggers, hand-dip buckets, foot baths, back-pack sprayers, and sanitary sink stations. Perfect for diluting Quaternary Ammonium Compound (QUAT), Bleach (Sodium Hypochlorite), or PAA (Peracetic Acid).

Item Number: Call 1-800-451-6628 for custom part #

  • 24" x 36" panel
  • 14 GPM
  • Gas style gun for easy fill
  • 10’ delivery hose
  • Low flow perfect for bottles, foggers, buckets, sprayers, and sinks fill
  • Withstand aggressive disinfectants

  • NOTE: Parts ordered may look slightly different from the image displayed, but the fit and functionality is the same. Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for product dilution, application, and proper ventilation. Check chemical compatibility before mixing. Always use the recommended PPE for product handling.

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