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Hydrogen Peroxide Control Panel

Disinfectant Control System for Recirculating Water - Dilution Solutions Hydrogen Peroxide Control Panel is a simplified configuration for maintaining disinfectants and sanitizers in a recirculating water system. Designed to minimize the potential for spread of pathogens, such as E. coli and Listeria, in vegetable and fruit washing recirculating water systems.

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  • Automated - no manual operation of pumps
  • Automated - no titration required to maintain disinfectant
  • Automated - no handling of dangerous chemicals
  • Electric pump with integrated controller
  • Hydrogen Peroxide electrode continuously monitors concentration to maintain desire set point
  • Proximity switch puts system into standby mode when sample flow is interrupted
  • Alarm functionality (Hi / Lo) concentrations built into pump
  • Pump protected – Auto shut off when chemical container is empty
  • Flush valves on clear strainers, for maintaining clean sample water supply for analysis, to protect and prevent the electrode from fouling
  • Easy maintenance!!
  • Economical cost!!

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