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25-Gallon - High Capacity Mobile Fill Cart

The 25-Gallon High Capacity Mobile Fill Cart conveniently allows the user to add and adjust disinfectant/chemical concentrations on demand.

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Item Number: Please call 1-800-451-6628 for your custom fill cart part #

  • Dosatron water-powered reliability combined with a trigger-gun and 10 ft. delivery hose
  • Tank size: 25-gallons
  • Cart construction: Polyethylene (white)
  • Cart Dimensions: 36" high x 21" wide x 26" deep
  • Additional features: 4 wheels for stability, refractometer storage compartment, gasoline style gun for easy fill
  • NOTE: Please follow manufacturer’s instructions for product dilution, application, and proper ventilation. Check chemical compatibility before mixing. Always use the recommended PPE for product handling. (Dosatron injectors, and quick hook-up kit sold separately.)

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