Eco-Cart (5-Gallon)

The Eco-Cart provides quick-and-easy proportional on-demand dispensing for a great value and is perfect for garden centers, home gardens, and is ideal for spot treatments.

The Eco-Cart is available in three versions.

Tank Size: 5 gallons
Cart Construction: 1" Steel Frame
Tire Size : 7" no-flat tires
Cart Dimensions: 40" high x 13.5" wide x 15" deep
Additional Features: 5-gallon bucket with lid
Compatible Injectors: 11 GPM (Fixed 1:100), 14 GPM
Part Numbers:  
HSECO (Eco-Cart, Bucket with lid, and Plumbing) 
HSECO-D25F1 (Eco-Cart, Bucket with lid, D25F1,and Plumbing)
HSECO-D14MZ2 (Eco-Cart, Bucket with lid, Plumbing and D14MZ2)
Support Documents:
 Eco-Cart Flyer